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Discussion on: 10 Free resources to kickoff your career as a Vue Developer

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Mehdi M.

Internet can fully run without JavaScript, so no. :p

The problem with this kind of terms is not among the developer community, it's in the outside world: there are a lot of managers, recruiters and so on who are not looking to developers, or front-end developers, or JavaScript developers. Instead, they are wanting a React developer, an Angular developer, a WhateverStuff developer, because they think your knowledge is not portable, they think you won't be efficient and valuable, and they end thinking that if you don't fully match a subset of ideal skills, you aren't even worth meeting.

And the first people suffering from this kind of segmentations, at the end, are the developers.

That's just my two cents on this topic.

That said, thanks for your article. 👍

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Adam Crockett

Iv said it before il say it again, it's like asking for a sausage roll mechanic instead of a baker.