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Medusa v1.4.0: Product Import API, Improved API Reference and More!

Time for another exciting release of Medusa!

Version 1.4.0 introduces new features such as the Product Import API, an update in the MeiliSearch plugin with breaking changes, and the usual bug fixes.

We also have continued to improve our documentation including an improved API reference and a new user guide.

Keep reading below to learn more about all the new changes in this release and what upcoming features you can expect from Medusa!

How to Update Medusa?

Medusa Server

You can update your Medusa server using the following command:

npm install @medusajs/medusa@latest @medusajs/medusa-cli@latest medusa-interfaces@latest
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If you face any issues while updating Medusa, please refer to [*our upgrade guide](*

Medusa Admin

You can also update the Medusa Admin by pulling changes from the GitHub repository.

If you have customized the Medusa Admin, you might face some issues while pulling changes from the GitHub repository. Please refer to the “Updated react-hook-form Version” section later in this article to learn more.

Product Import API

Product Import API allows store operators to batch-import products into their Medusa server. Using this feature, store operators can now easily migrate their products from another platform or move from one Medusa server to another.

The import feature can be used either to create new products or update existing ones.

The Product Import API accepts a CSV file as an input. This CSV file must have columns related to a Medusa product, including the ID, handle, title, and more. Other than the product’s details, it also supports data related to the product including product collection, region, currency, sales channels, and more.

The CSV file is then parsed and the data is imported into the Medusa server.

This feature can be used both through the Admin API and the Medusa Admin. On the Medusa Admin and in the Products list:

  1. Click on the Import list button at the top right.
  2. Choose the CSV file you want to import.
  3. It will show you the number of products that can be added and updated, and the number of rejected products.
  4. Click on the Import list button to import the products.

Product Import Example

MeiliSearch Plugin Update

Following the update of MeiliSearch to version 0.27.0 which introduced breaking changes, Medusa’s MeiliSearch plugin received 405 request errors when a request was sent from the plugin into the MeiliSearch server.

We’ve resolved this error now by releasing a new major version of the MeiliSearch plugin to update the MeiliSearch JS client into the latest version 0.27.0 in the dependencies of the plugin.

You can update the plugin using the following command:

npm install medusa-plugin-meilisearch@latest
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Breaking Changes in Admin

In this new update to the Medusa admin, we have updated the version of react-hook-form used in the project. This lead to significant changes to all domains throughout the codebase.

If you have previously customized the admin’s codebase, you might experience some conflicts while pulling in the changes from the upstream.

Updated Product Page

We have updated the design of the product page for easier navigation and an intuitive experience!

Product Page Example

Additional Fixes and Changes

There are some additional bug fixes and changes including:

  • Hot development reload has been fixed for Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a product that didn’t have variants was deleted.
  • Removed lerna from Medusa’s monorepo after migrating to Turborepo.

Documentation Changes

Since our last release, we’ve improved our documentation to provide a better developer experience.

Improved API Reference

We have improved our API reference for better performance and user experience. In addition, we’ve added:

  • Code examples using either our JS Client or cURL.
  • Error response examples.
  • A guide on how to authenticate requests for both the storefront and the admin APIs.
  • A better view of schemas and examples of different attributes in a schema.

API Reference Overview

User Guide

We’ve introduced a new user guide to learn more about the features the Medusa admin provides and how to use them! You can find guides on the different domains in Medusa, including products, orders, regions, sales channels, and more!

This guide is currently a work in progress and we’ll continue to include more documentation in it.

User Guide Overview

Upcoming Features

Tax-Inclusive Pricing

When we introduced this feature in a previous release post, it was undergoing the planning and design phase. This feature is currently in progress and to be released soon.

In the case where countries might share the same currency but use different tax rates, merchants had to calculate the prices without the tax rate manually to show the same price across all countries using the same currency on the storefront.

This new feature allows merchants to enter a price including taxes, and Medusa handles calculating the tax amount applied based on the tax rate. It would save a lot of manual work that merchants have to do.

Order Editing

After an order is placed, customers might want to change their order to add, remove, or edit an existing item. Merchants might also find that they can’t fulfill a certain item and would need to offer an alternative to the customer.

This upcoming feature will allow merchants to request an edit to a customer’s order and automatically handle any additional payment or refund based on the change.

Did you miss out on?

Should you have any issues or questions related to Medusa, then feel free to reach out to the Medusa team via Discord.

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great and long awaited update!

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Shahed Nasser

What are some features you hope Medusa implements next? 🤩