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Medusa v1.3.5: Introducing the Sales Channel API

This week we released a new version of Medusa!

Version 1.3.5 introduces the long-awaited Sales Channel API and numerous bug fixes. The release of the Sales Channel API is also accompanied by a release to the Medusa admin.

Keep reading below to learn more about the Sales Channel API and what upcoming features you can expect from Medusa.

Sales Channel API

Sales Channels allow merchants to sell across multiple channels while fully controlling the products and orders associated with each channel. The channels can be used to separate between the different platforms your business operates in, such as websites, apps, physical stores, or marketplaces.

Products in Sales Channels

Merchants can create as many Sales Channels as they want. When creating a Sales Channel, merchants can select the products that are available in that sales channel. They can also specify the Sales Channel availability of Products when editing and creating them.

Orders in Sales Channels

When a customer creates an Order from a specific Sales Channel, the order will be associated with that Sales Channel. In Medusa Admin, Orders can be filtered by specific Sales Channels. This allows merchants to have an aggregated overview of all orders as well as view orders for specific Sales Channels.

How to Enable Sales Channels

Sales Channels are guarded by Feature Flags which we introduced in v1.3.3. To enable Sales Channels, first, update to the latest Medusa version on your Medusa server:

npm install @medusajs/medusa@latest medusa-interfaces @medusajs/medusa-cli
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Then, you can enable Sales Channels by adding the following environment variable to your server:

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Finally, run the migrations to update your database schema with the latest changes:

medusa migrations run
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You’ll then have Sales Channels on your Medusa server!

To ensure that you can also use Sales Channels on the admin, make sure to update your Medusa Admin as well. You can do that by pulling new changes from the Medusa Admin repository into your Medusa Admin.

Upcoming Features

Product Import

After implementing the export feature in the 1.3.3 release, we’ll work on the import feature. This will allow users to import products stored in CSV files into their Medusa server. With both Import and Export functionalities available, migrating data from one Medusa server to another will be much easier.

Tax-Inclusive Pricing

Some countries have the same currency but different tax rates. Currently, merchants operating in those countries have to manually calculate the tax-exclusive price of products to ensure that the price remains the same across those countries when their tax rates are applied.

So, this new feature would allow merchants to specify tax-inclusive pricing. This saves merchants from doing the manual work as the Medusa server would do the heavy lifting of calculating the taxes of each country and pushing the necessary details to accounting and reporting tools.

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mahmoudamrr profile image
Mahmoud amr

hello great work, i want ask if every channel have it's own currency, language shipping method and etc.

shahednasser profile image
Shahed Nasser

At the moment sales channels support products, carts, and orders.