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Cover image for Hacktoberfest 2022: 9 Open Source Projects to Contribute to
Nicklas Gellner for Medusa

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Hacktoberfest 2022: 9 Open Source Projects to Contribute to

Hacktoberfest is one of the most popular annual events that many developers gear up for to contribute to their favorite projects and win some cool swag.

If you’re interested in participating but you’re not sure which projects to contribute to, we’re listing 9 open source projects that you can contribute to this Hacktoberfest and help out the community that uses them.

1. Medusa

GitHub logo medusajs / medusa

The open-source Shopify alternative ⚡️



Documentation | Medusa Admin Demo | Website

An open source composable commerce engine built for developers

Medusa is released under the MIT license. Current CircleCI build status. PRs welcome! Product Hunt Discord Chat Follow @medusajs

Getting Started

You can install Medusa by either following our Quickstart guide or the following steps:

  1. Install Medusa CLI

    npm install -g @medusajs/medusa-cli
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  2. Create a new Medusa project

    medusa new my-medusa-store --seed
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  3. Start your Medusa engine

    cd my-medusa-store
    medusa develop
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  • Node v14.0 or higher.
  • SQLite or PostgreSQL (SQLite is only for getting started; PostgreSQL is recommended)
  • Redis

You can check out this documentation for more details about setting up your environment.

What is Medusa?

Medusa is an open source composable commerce engine built with Node.js. Medusa enables developers to build scalable and sophisticated commerce setups with low effort and great developer experience.

You can learn more about Medusa’s architecture in our documentation.


  • Orders, Exchanges, and Returns APIs: Aside from the standard order management that comes with ecommerce platforms, Medusa…

Medusa is an open source composable commerce platform that has a growing community behind it. As Medusa is made up of different components, there are many elements you can contribute to.

Likewise, it offers you the chance to participate in their Medusa Hackathon with free merch, challenges and up to $1,500 in prizes.

If you feel more like contributing to the core, admin, sotrefronts or docs, then this is also an option. You can either check available issues or report any issues you find in the documentation.

Here are some resources to help you start contributing to Medusa:

2. Strapi

GitHub logo strapi / strapi

🚀 Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.

Strapi logo Strapi logo

API creation made simple, secure and fast.

The most advanced open-source headless CMS to build powerful APIs with no effort.

Try live demo

NPM Version Tests Strapi on Discord Strapi Nightly Release Build Status

Administration panel

Strapi is a free and open-source headless CMS delivering your content anywhere you need.

  • Keep control over your data. With Strapi, you know where your data is stored, and you keep full control at all times.
  • Self-hosted. You can host and scale Strapi projects the way you want. You can choose any hosting platform you want: AWS, Render, Netlify, Heroku, a VPS, or a dedicated server. You can scale as you grow, 100% independent.
  • Database agnostic. Strapi works with SQL databases. You can choose the database you prefer: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite.
  • Customizable. You can quickly build your logic by fully customizing APIs, routes, or plugins to fit your needs perfectly.

Getting Started

Read the Getting Started tutorial or follow the steps…

Strapi is an open source headless CMS platform with over 48K stars on GitHub. Strapi makes it easy to create a customizable CMS backend, and integrate that backend to any frontend framework.

You can contribute to both Strapi’s core and documentation.

Some resources to help you get started:

3. Novu

GitHub logo novuhq / novu

⭐ A fully functional real-time notification center for your web and react apps. The only open-source notifications infrastructure that manages multi-channel content, scheduled notifications, digest engine, user preferences, and delivers Email, SMS, Push and Chat notifications using a single API. ⚡




Notification management simplified.

The ultimate service for managing multi-channel notifications with a single API

Explore the docs »

Report Bug · Request Feature · Join Our Discord · Roadmap · Twitter

⭐️ Why

Building a notification system is hard; at first it seems like just sending an email, but in reality, it's just the beginning. Users today expect a multi-channel communication experience via email, SMS, push, chat, and other channels. An ever-growing list of providers is popping up each day, and notifications are spread around the code. Novu's goal is to simplify notifications and provide developers the tools to create meaningful communication between the system and its users.

✨ Features

  • 🌈 Single API for all messaging providers (Email, SMS, Push, Chat)
  • 💅 Easily manage notification over multiple channels
  • 🚀 Equipped with a CMS for advanced layouts and design management
  • 🛡 Built-in protection for missing variables (Coming Soon)
  • 📦 Easy to…

Novu is providing open source notification infrastructure and just crossed 10k stars on GitHub. Their solution gives developers a unified notification center for different channels such as chat, email, push and SMS.

You can contribute to Novu either directly or through their Hacktoberfest HackSquad.

Some resources to help you get started:

4. Refine

GitHub logo pankod / refine

Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints.

Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints.
Open source, headless web application framework developed with flexibility in mind.

Discord Twitter Follow

refine: Open Source React Framework - Focus your business logic. refine will do the rest. | Product Hunt

Meercode CI Score Meercode CI Success Rate Maintainability Test Coverage npm version npm Contributor Covenant

What is refine?

refine is a React-based framework for the rapid ✨ development of web applications. It eliminates the repetitive tasks demanded by CRUD operations and provides industry standard solutions for critical parts like authentication, access control, routing, networking, state management, and i18n.

refine is headless by design offering unlimited styling and customization options.

What do you mean by "headless" ?

Instead of being a limited set of pre-styled components, refine is a collection of helper hooks, components and providers. They are all decoupled from your UI components and business logic, so they never keep you from customizing your UI or coding your own flow.


Refine is providing an open source React-based framework that improves development speed offering standardized solutions to CRUD related tasks, e.g. authentication, access control etc.

Some resources to help you get started:

5. Forem

GitHub logo forem / forem

For empowering community 🌱

Forem 🌱

For Empowering Community

Build Status GitHub commit activity GitHub issues ready for dev GitPod badge

Welcome to the Forem codebase, the platform that powers We are so excited to have you. With your help, we can build out Forem’s usability, scalability, and stability to better serve our communities.

What is Forem?

Forem is open source software for building communities. Communities for your peers, customers, fanbases, families, friends, and any other time and space where people need to come together to be part of a collective See our announcement post for a high-level overview of what Forem is. (or just DEV) is hosted by Forem. It is a community of software developers who write articles, take part in discussions, and build their professional profiles. We value supportive and constructive dialogue in the pursuit of great code and career growth for all members. The ecosystem spans from beginner to advanced developers, and all are welcome to find their place…

Forem is an open source software that can be used to build communities. It’s famously known for power Forem is a project that is highly valuable to developers as it allows sharing of insights, experiences, and tutorials on platforms powered by it.

You can contribute to both Forem’s core and documentation. Although there aren’t many documentation issues on their GitHub repository, you can always open issues or send PRs if you find issues in their documentation.

Some resources to help you get started:

6. Redoc

GitHub logo Redocly / redoc

📘 OpenAPI/Swagger-generated API Reference Documentation

Redoc logo

Generate interactive API documentation from OpenAPI definitions

Coverage Status npm License

bundle size npm Docker Build Status

This is the README for the 2.x version of Redoc (React-based). The README for the 1.x version is on the v1.x branch.

About Redoc

Redoc is an open-source tool for generating documentation from OpenAPI (fka Swagger) definitions.

By default Redoc offers a three-panel, responsive layout:

  • The left panel contains a search bar and navigation menu.
  • The central panel contains the documentation.
  • The right panel contains request and response examples.

Redoc demo

Live demo

If you want to see how Redoc will render your OpenAPI definition you can try it out online at

A version of the Swagger Petstore API is displayed by default To test it with your own OpenAPI definition enter the URL for your definition and select TRY IT.

Redoc vs. Reference vs. Portals

Redoc is Redocly's community-edition product. Looking for something more Checkout the following feature comparison of Redocly's…

Redoc is an open source tool to generate API reference documentation websites from OpenAPI definitions.

Redoc powers many projects’ API reference documentation, including DigitalOcean,, and Medusa.

Some resources to help you get started:

7. Rocket.Chat

GitHub logo RocketChat / Rocket.Chat

The communications platform that puts data protection first.

Rocket.Chat is an open-source fully customizable communications platform developed in JavaScript for organizations with high standards of data protection.

We are a MERN based application enabling real-time conversations between colleagues, with other companies or with your customers, regardless of how they connect with you. The result is an increase in productivity and customer satisfaction rates.

Every day, tens of millions of users in over 150 countries and in organizations such as Deutsche Bahn, The US Navy, and Credit Suisse trust Rocket.Chat to keep their communications completely private and secure.

Using our self-managed offerings you can deploy Rocket.Chat on your own server, or you can use SaaS Rocket.Chat. We offer support for both community as well as commercial plans.

Cloud Hosted Rocket.Chat


Please see the requirements documentation for system requirements and more information about supported operating systems Please refer to Install Rocket.Chat to…

Rocket.Chat is an open source communications platform that can be used for team collaboration, omnichannel support, chat engine, and more!

Some resources to help you get started:

8. Meilisearch

GitHub logo meilisearch / meilisearch

A lightning-fast search engine that fits effortlessly into your apps, websites, and workflow.

Website | Roadmap | Blog | Documentation | FAQ | Slack

Build Status Dependency status License Bors enabled

⚡ A lightning-fast search engine that fits effortlessly into your apps, websites, and workflow 🔍

Meilisearch helps you shape a delightful search experience in a snap, offering features that work out-of-the-box to speed up your workflow.

A bright colored application for finding movies screening near the user A dark colored application for finding movies screening near the user

🔥 Try it! 🔥

🎃 Hacktoberfest

It’s Hacktoberfest 2022 @Meilisearch

Hacktoberfest is a celebration of the open-source community. This year, and for the third time in a row, Meilisearch is participating in this fantastic event.

You’d like to contribute? Don’t hesitate to check out our contributing guidelines.

✨ Features

  • Search-as-you-type: find search results in less than 50 milliseconds
  • Typo tolerance: get relevant matches even when queries contain typos and misspellings
  • Filtering and faceted search: enhance your user's search experience with custom filters and build a faceted search interface in a few lines of code
  • Sorting: sort results based on…

MeiliSearch is an open source search engine that can be used in websites, mobile apps, and workflows. MeiliSearch integrates with many other services and tools, including Medusa.

Some resources to help you contribute to MeiliSearch:

9. Docusaurus

GitHub logo facebook / docusaurus

Easy to maintain open source documentation websites.



Twitter Follow npm version GitHub Actions status PRs Welcome Discord Chat code style: prettier Tested with Jest Gitpod Ready-to-Code Netlify Status CI Score Deploy with Vercel Deploy to Netlify

We are working hard on Docusaurus v2. If you are new to Docusaurus, try using the new version instead of v1. See the Docusaurus v2 website for more details.

Docusaurus v1 doc is available at and code is available on branch docusaurus-v1


Docusaurus is a project for building, deploying, and maintaining open source project websites easily.

Short on time? Check out our 5-minute tutorial ⏱️!

Tip: use to test Docusaurus immediately in a playground.

  • Simple to Start

Docusaurus is built in a way so that it can get running in as little time as possible. We've built Docusaurus to handle the website build process so you can focus on your project.

  • Localizable

Docusaurus ships with localization support via CrowdIn. Empower and grow your international community by translating your documentation.

  • Customizable

While Docusaurus ships with the key pages and sections you need to get started…

Docusaurus is an open source framework for building documentation websites. Using Docusaurus, you can build a documentation website for any type of software with great features such as localization, customization, a variety of plugins, and more.

You can contribute to both Docusaurus’s core and its documentation.

Some resources to get you started contributing to Docusaurus:

More Projects to Contribute to

The list of open source projects to contribute to is endless! You can find repositories that are open to contributions during Hacktoberfest under the Hacktoberfest topic on GitHub.

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maksim36ua profile image

We're using Docusaurus at Wasp. Our landing page and docs are built with it :)

Also, we're taking part in Hacktoberfest as well! If you'd like to contribute to a simple language for developing full-stack web apps with less code -- join us!

An entrypoint is here

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Amazing list!

🌚 Friends don't let friends browse without dark mode.

Good news! You can update to dark mode in your DEV settings.