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vuejs or react 2020

medhanini profile image Mohamed Hanini ・1 min read

Vuejs is better than React when smaller, flexible and faster applications are required. When there is a requirement for a lightweight, faster, and modern UI library for crafting a topnotch SPA (single-page application), one must use VueJs. This is beneficial for developers who are used to working with HTML.


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Small and fast - svelte.
All other - react.

I see no reason to choose vue.


Mohamed, software developers are very tribal creatures. Try not to be bothered. When I was trying to decide which JavaScript framework to pick up (I came from .NET/C#) I built a currency converter in React and then Vue. When I compared the development experience, the answer was Vue hands down. I don't think that you're obligated to provide a reasoning when someone asks you which one you prefer. The purpose of JavaScript frameworks is to increase developer productivity. I am more productive in Vue and I am in React. I've tried both before picking one and I actually wanted to be more productive in React because it was the 'cooler option'.

Simply stated, if you have MVC experience - Vue will feel more natural. If you have more experience with functional programming, React might be more your speed. If you prefer TS over JS, maybe you're better off with React until Vue 3 is a bit more mature. If you like JSX, use React. If you don't want to learn new syntax and just want to push how to prototype quickly, try Vue. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other unless you're referring to a very specific use case.

I personally prefer Vue although I would build a project in React for work, Vue is my go-to at the moment.

Vue also just surpassed react with stars on GitHub.


Have you performed any performance benchmark testing?

I can give the link of my project and you can see

Could you send a GitHub link?

Did you build the project in Vue and React?

So how do you know it's better than react?

If you've only built in Vue.


What are the advantages over the React?

I asked "why is it more flexible?" not "is it more flexible?"
As in, please give me more information to why you think its more flexible so that I may better my understanding of it as a framework.

you can search about into the net for me i have create my fisrt front web site with #nuxtjs that based on #vuejs and One of the biggest selling points of #Nuxt.js is that it can help your application with Search Engine Optimization (#SEO) and to rank better on #Google

Nuxtjs sounds like nextjs which is for server side rendering which is better for seo and site rank aswell. Tho if nuxt is client side rendering and instead realize on maybe a different way of bundling or building, that may in fact be better. (I don't know how vue works, don't quote me)

yes nuxtjs use SSR and build .html pages as you google prefer html


Is this a finding after a benchmark test for optimisation?


yes of course i noticed this after my first project using nuxtjs which is based on vuejs


What did you notice? What tools did you use to monitor the performance?

the performance not yet get the great score

I don't understand your reply.

What did you notice?

What tools did you use to monitor the performance?


The thing about vuejs is currently the job market is in favour of react. Vue could be 10x better than react, but if react is still being used by the vast majority of companies, react will always be the better choice. If you're doing freelance, then thats another story.

Both are good frameworks.