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Nuxtjs with vuetify or bootstrap

medhanini profile image Mohamed Hanini ・1 min read

I have create my first project using nuxt i love it by itegrating a template is so fast now i want to create my portfolio using the same twchnologie because is so good for seo but i don't know what i must choose vuetify or bootstrap any suggestions please


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Vuetify 1000%. Bootstrap uses a bunch of jquery nonsense and non-programmatic methods.

Vuetify is cleaner, more accessible for vue and you can customize learn what options you have with a good Editor indexing the modules.

You develop faster, cleaner and more reliably.


Thank you so much this is the request that i'm waiting for it's great pleasure to talking to you


Like any new stack, the first time you setup will seem a bit confusing. I'm around if you run into snags.

I am really happy thank you very much for advice and help


For our company Bootstrap is the 'Oh that again' for customers. And material design is mostly used for apps or mobile related websites.

So in that regard, we use Element which is also specifically made for Vue. And gives the basic tools to make a template with buttons and such, but also extending your own design.

But it still is a suggestion, just work with the tool you like the best.


Thanks so there the in SEO ? Performance


The SEO is still on your side, to do a simple enough job use Google LightHouse to check your website. And for performance, it works well on my machine and my Pocophone F1. So that would not be an issue.

But I don't know the scope of the project. If you are going to build a huge website with tens of thousands of components than I would suggest creating your own. As every library or NPM package has dependencies to other components mostly, creating more bloat, which mostly translates to less performance.

I would assume yes? Just pick whatever you like for the job. It doesn't hurt to include bootstrap, vuetify or element.


Vuetify would be better option , If you want to use Bootstrap, then you should use BootstrapVue.


but i think bootstrap use jquery
and jquery it's too large and heaver library


Thats why I said BootstrapVue , It doesn't require jQuery. Check its documents.

okey i will check thanks for advice