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Unified Meta Tag for GDPR/Privacy - Discussion about the future of web privacy

Some times ago to Europe come GDPR law. With it comes another ton of pop-ups and alerts on websites and SPA apps. And since most of the websites have very poor handling of consents, every time when we enter to some page, firstly we must agree with agreements once again.

What do you think about creating a universal and unified meta tag for GDPR policies instead of tons of pop-ups on every website? This type of meta tag would have content of policy for page and web browser would store a hash of the content, if the content change, show it to user once again. Furthermore, the browser in this approach can handle displaying policy content in a more native way and could even asynchronously tell script on the page if the user agrees or not.

What do you think about the idea of a unified meta tag for the privacy policy? We are DEVelopers and in our interest is to make the Internet a better place for people who don't have the required know-how.

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