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Meat Boy
Meat Boy

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Tetris in Typescript - Speed Coding

Hey! Yesterday I have written a Tetris game in Typescript in 5 hours. The entire process I recorded, so you can watch it in a timelaps video :)

Also, below is the source code of the game to analyze or modification.

GitHub (Please star 🌟 repo to make it better visible for others ;p)

GitHub logo pilotpirxie / tetris-ts

🎮 Tetris game like written in Typescript.


Tetris game like written in pure Typescript, less than 30kB.

You can play here: Play Game



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David Pereira

Wow, pretty cool project in 5 hours 👍

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GibboK • Edited on

Hi Meat Boy, I like your tetris game and the minimalistic design.

I also coded a tetromino game recently using TypeScript, Redux and functional programming.
Please have a look ant tell me what do you think.

Thanks for your time.

By the way, really cool you coded in just few hours!