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State of Go / Golang in 2021

What is the state of Go in 2021 in your opinion? Is it worth learning or write applications?

The performance of apps written in Go is great but for many businesses, that's not enough. Crucial is also stability, the potential of maintenance in long therm and so on. What do you think about the ecosystem around Go language?

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Peter Benjamin (they/them)

Go is seeing increasing adoption across various verticals in the tech industry, from developer and operational tooling (e.g. CLIs, SDKs) to cloud-native technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes) and micro-services (e.g. web services, backend services).

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Meat Boy

Wow, I didn't know JetBrains wrote article like this. Thanks! :)

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Supportic • Edited

The performance of apps written in Go is great but for many businesses, that's not enough.

Why is it not enough? What's wrong?

The language was designed for the web and it runs perfectly fine for backend architectures. They even have docker images so you don't have to install it and and compiles into WebAssembly!
First you have to adapt to new techniques like channels, goroutines, folder & module structure, syntax etc.
You can also use packages like npm provides packages [ref]. There are already lots of well made packages like Gorilla for websockets or the fiber framework for building webserver like Express in node.

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Peter Benjamin (they/them) • Edited

It's not that performance itself is not good enough, but rather developers look at other factors besides performance when evaluating languages, like:

  • language stability
  • ecosystem maturity
  • dev tooling availability
  • does the language fit the problem use-case/requirements?
  • are the trade-offs worth the effort / cost to develop, build, maintain services in this new language?
  • ...etc
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Andrei Dascalu

Well, can't think of a language more stable than one supported by Google and the cncf with compatibility guaranteed with no breaking changes across major versions.
Also comes with built-in tooling.
Language fit use cases? I have no idea what that means, unless there is a requirement to use c#