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Adding Proxy-Authorization header in swagger

meanin profile image Paweł Ruciński Updated on ・1 min read

Hi all,
I already posted this question on stack overflow, but I think, that here I can find interested people faster.

I need to add specific header on swagger ui using .net core. Is there any way to include header like this?

Already tried:

  • implementing IOperationFilter:
public void Apply(Operation operation, OperationFilterContext context)
    if (operation.Parameters == null)
        operation.Parameters = new List<IParameter>();

    if (operation.Parameters.All(p => p.Name != "Proxy-Authorization"))
        operation.Parameters.Add(new NonBodyParameter
            Name = "Proxy-Authorization",
            In = "header",
            Description = "Proxy-Authorization token",
            Required = true,
            Type = "string"
  • adding security definition:
options.AddSecurityDefinition("Authorization", new ApiKeyScheme()
    In = "header",
    Description = "Please insert Proxy Authorization Secret into field",
    Name = "Proxy-Authorization",
    Type = "apiKey"

Both didn't work. When I change header name everything works fine (HttpContext.Request.Headers contains desirable header), but this specific ( Proxy-Authorization) header is wiped out from a call.

Did you ever meet this issue? How to solve it?


I confirmed that this is not the issue in .net core only. Full .net framework has also this bug.

Furthermore it is only affected on header with proxy- prefix.


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I confirmed that this is not the issue in .net core only superfighters

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Paweł Ruciński Author

If anyone is interested in this topic, please find my repository presenting this issue in full .net framework.

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Dean Mark

I always wonder what is proxy authorization
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