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Md Moeen Ajaz Khan
Md Moeen Ajaz Khan

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How to do Test Automation using Playwright and JavaScript?

How to do UI Automation using Playwright and JavaScript? In this course, I’ll walk you step-by-step to build your UI Automation framework.

Playwright a test automation tool which is used for end-to-end testing for any of the modern web applications like react.js or AngularJS. It currently supports the Chromium, WebKit and Firefox family where you have Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers. It also supports all the major platforms of Windows, Linux and Mac OS and you have very good support of all the programming languages like Typescript, JavaScript, Python, .net and Java. So which means that you can write your automation test in any of the programming language. It also supports mobile automation or it supports the mobile emulators which means you can fire up the Chrome browser on Android or the Safari on iPhone/iPAD and do your test. You can also run all your tests on any of the cloud environments as well like LambdaTest, SauceLabs, BrowserStack.

The complete playlist of Playwright test automation tool which gives you basic setup knowledge to advance usage of the tool.

Playwright - Test Automation Tool #1 Playwright - Test Automation Tool | Overview - #2 Playwright Installation - ...


We will be covering the following topics:

  1. Playwright - Test Automation Tool | Overview -
  2. Playwright Installation -
  3. What is Next.js -
  4. Playwright First Test Script -
  5. Playwright Configuration File -
  6. Playwright Test Hooks -
  7. Playwright VS Code Extension - Run test with a single click -
  8. Playwright VS Code Extension - Record new tests -
  9. Playwright Command Line -
  10. Configure NPM scripts in Playwright -
  11. Playwright Test Generator -
  12. Playwright Test Annotations -
  13. Playwright Test Video Recording -
  14. Playwright Workers | Parallel Test Execution -
  15. Playwright Custom Reporters -
  16. Allure Report For Playwright -
  17. Retries In Playwright -
  18. Integration of Jenkins with Playwright -

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