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Build Telegram Bot without code and get notifications

Telegram is the most used mobile messaging tool in daily life. So, build telegram bot and get a notification for netlify build, stripe payments, etc.

Let's build Telegram API first without any code and server setup and we need two values to make this.

  • Bot Token key
  • Chat ID

Make a Telegram Bot

To get bot token, you have to make a telegram bot with Botfather tool. Search for the botfather in your telegram and add this.

Now pass /newbot command to make a new bot, give a name, and username to the bot as following.

After that, you will get your Bot Token Key.

Telegram Bot Key

To get Chat ID, go to your bot channel and send some random message and then replace bot_access_token with your bot key in this URL.<bot_access_token>/getUpdates
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Open this URL into the browser and it will return a JSON response with Chat ID.

Now you got Bot Token Key & Chat ID.

Setup Telegram API

To make Telegram API without any backend coding and server setup, we are using NoCodeAPI tool. So, sign-up on if you have not done yet. Go to Marketplace and activate Telegram API.

Telegram Card

Click on Create Telegram Webhook API and you will see and form to give API name, Bot Token Key, and Chat ID. After filling all these values click on the Create button.

Now your Telegram API is ready and you use to send JSON object, Text, or Link into your Telegram Bot.

I'm using for the following notification:

  • Netlify Build Notification
  • New Meeting booked on Calendly
  • New user on Stripe
  • Website Down/UP with Uptime Robot

Many services support hooks. You can get direct notification into your telegram.

Setup Netlify Hook

Go to and select the site for which you want to set up a hook. Now go to Settings -> Build & Deploy -> Deploy Notification and click on Add Notification. You will see a list of notification methods. Click on the Outgoing webhook.

Netlify Hook

You will see now a form to choose the process.

  • Event to listen for - Deploy started, Deploy success, etc.
  • URL to notify- Put your telegram API there.

And Save. That's all.

Now your Hook setup is ready for Netlify. You can also do with other services as same.

If you wanna build more API like:

  • Google Sheet
  • Google Analytics
  • Airtable
  • Instagram
  • Slack
  • Link Preview API
  • Cloudinary
  • Open Weather
  • More...

You can upgrade to pro account of NoCodeAPI with 80% off on yearly subscription for a limited time.

NoCodeAPI pricing

Here you can also see the video to make Telegram API with NoCodeAPI.

Yes, That's all. I hope you didn't find any typos in this blog post. if there is any then just drop me the feedback. Thanks :)

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