Does anyone know of an accessible vue component library?

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Does anyone know of a Vue component library/collection that are easy to style and built with accessibility in mind? I know you can pick just parts of Vuetify, but you're still stuck with the chance that their base styles will interfere with other styles you may use. Ideally, something like Reach UI except for Vue would be great, but I kind of assume that is a White Whale at this point.

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At first glance, seems to be superior to Vuetify, accessibility-wise.

I'm looking for a Reach UI counterpart in Vue for quite some time now, unfortunately to no avail


That's kind of what I figured. I'd really love something that handles the accessibility and composition and leaves styling to the users.


BootstrapVue ( was created with WAI-ARIA accessibility in mind.

Many of the components produce automated ARIA compliant markup, and the docs for each component usually has a section on accessibility.

Styling wise, you can theme by setting Bootstrap V4.x SASS/SCSS variables (theme/variant colors, general sizing, enable/disable shadow, etc).

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