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"Family count" error when trying to restore database in SQL Server

In the process of migrating a SQL Server LocalDB database to MySQL, one of the steps involves restoring the database in SQL Server Management Studio. The LocalDB database was first created in Visual Studio and to migrate it over to MySQL the database had to be setup in SQL Server Management Studio beforehand. Initially I recreated the database in Management Studio by using the T-SQL generated in Visual Studio. Along the line I had to move the database from my work computer to my home computer due to needing admin privileges to run certain tasks.

This is when I encountered an error of "Family count:2. Missing family sequence number:1" when in the middle of the restore process. After some digging, the cause was from having more than one file path listed when performing the backup. I backed up the database a second time with just one file path listed under the Destination section and the Backup Type set to 'Full'. The database was restored with no errors. Success! Here is a blog post from SQL Compass with some helpful screenshots.

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