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Why I Love Docker as a Newbie 🐋

Hola, Hope you guys are doing great. 💖

Why I love docker and Why you should switch to Docker.

What is Docker?

Docker is a Platform as a Service, Which lets you to use OS level virtualization to Deliver software in Packages called containers.

Best thing about Docker is, Each container is Isolated. Means, One container won't mess up with another one.

My Story

I'm a Big fan of Open-Source and I love to try running new Open Source stuff either in Raspberry Pi or Laptop.

One thing I hate running in the Current system is dependencies issue. Yes, Installing one package will broke another existing dependency package.

Using Ubuntu in my Laptop and Raspbian in Pi

Yes, It's painful, I have faced this issue many times. Luckily, All the Stuff I picking have Docker Container.

But I keep ignore. Yesterday I planned to give Docker a try in my Pi.

Trust me. It solves Dependencies issue. And Very low CPU usage as compared to Native Script.

How it's Possible with Docker?

Docker container is a standard unit of software that packs up code and all dependencies, so the application runs quickly and reliably without messing with other container. Also, Docker uses the Original Kernel of Main Operating System to fulfil the system level needs.

Most of the Codes/Stuff now supports Docker. They are delivering Docker container which contains everything to run out of the Box.

I'll leave all the Links to get started with Docker

That's all for this Post :)

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