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No More Zero Days - Achieve Great things

⚠️ This Post is not related to Zero Day Vulnerability. It's about staying on track and productivity.

I Know, lot of you might start working on a project. In the Beginning your energy levels will be so higher. There will be some kind of fire inside you.

But when the day passes, you'll slowly start losing interest on that thing and immediately start working on something else.

At the end, There will be no positive result for your time spent.

Here is where no more zero days comes in. Let me explain this.

It means, if you didn't even made a small progress on that project it'll be counted as zero day.

Our goal should be doing something on that project which can improve piece by piece daily.

Make progress every single day never stop doing it.

I read about this somewhere on Reddit and found it useful. So I shared it. I don't have link to the original post.

Edit: I found it.

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