Does offering social login tangibly increase signups for a web app?

what is the Return of Investment integrating social authentication for a web app?

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I think it depends on the crowd. It can certainly add a lot of annoyance/complexity to have it as a feature, so I'd be hesitant to do it just for the boost on that front, if any.

On this topic we use only social login as an abuse prevention measure. You come with a bit of a backstory we can use to flag potential bad-actors.

i also think the complexity of adding social login especially for Minimum Viable Product or first Version of an App is an overhead that can wait... but if the complexity results to added traffic and/or revenue, i don't mind adding it...

I can only speak for myself. But I do often skip apps on my smartphone if they don't have a social login / telephone number login and I'm only a little bit interested in them. When using desktop I never use social logins, but prefer e-mail.

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