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mchadley_io profile image Michael Hadley ・1 min read

I finally finished getting my portfolio site put together and I think I'm ready to hit the job search. But any feedback would be great! Or advice. I'm really hoping to get a job in the next few months!


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It's nice with attention on the key stuff. I would probably focus on mobile, add a little color/visuals (pics/icons). Get it out there (that's the secret secret).

Small layout bug:

Good luck Michael.


Thanks! Yeah...the CSS flexbox stuff is killing me. I'm a back-end guy, not a front-end guy :/ lol


Use CSS grids. Very easy & intuitive.

Can WYSIWYG if wanted: grid.layoutit.com


Nitpick: Because of all the whitespace on desktop, your contact icons look almost like they're just specs off on the side of my screen (and I don't even think my screen is that big, but I do sit off center to it).


Ok, I think I'll just make them bigger...I thought 20x20 was good...thankfully they're all SVG so it's easy to adjust!

and that damned macbook. If I could get a handle on flexbox this might work. This is why I'm a back-end guy


Hey Michael!

First I'd recommend (second time today) that you check material.io/design/
I know it can be boring for people not interested in design, but it will help you curate your own mistakes.

Now with some fast tips:

  • Use subtle shadows, those are too much! And be careful with night theme and invert colors, that white glow is a bit disturbing.
  • Also be careful with typography. Condensed fonts are not precisely the best option for long paragraphs. They where designed for short impactful headings. So, my recommendation, choose a font pairing (use this tool fontpair.co). If you like that condensed font, cool! but choose another one for long texts to improve readability and the condensed ONLY for headings.
  • The jumpy laptop animation is also a bit disturbing, probably a bug?
  • I have my doubts about those buttons at the top right corner, why not a classic navbar? I could understand that position if they didn't disapear when you scroll down. I don't know, I think it doesn't work very well. Take this into consideration. We read from left to right, top to down. First thing we see its pure white, then we need to cross the whole screen (in desktop) to see those buttons. Those buttons, also have a very high visual weight. In a canvas, everything close to it's borders gain a lot of attention. So you have few high visual points fighting each other. If you remove them, your blue round M and the text will be the first thing people see, now it's a fight between them and the buttons (This is pure image composition).
  • And last one, don't worry! you are doing great! I understand the frustration with css. I'm a designer and I'm used to design in tools like sketch or illustrator and when It's css time, I want to kill myself.

Keep the good job!