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Adam McGurk

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On Knowing What and When

I like to think that I'm a guy that knows what he wants and how to go about and do it. I've been in the tech industry for quite a few years now, in many different positions. I've been able to climb the ranks in my current path (Software Engineer) and I've been blessed with the opportunity to be the lead on many exciting and fun projects at work.

I say all this to say that when it comes to my hobbies (aka-side projects)...I really have no idea where to start or end...and I think it's the same for us all.

Like many of us, I'm one that has ideas for a lot of projects to do. It is many a Saturday that I spend tinkering with a Raspberry Pi to setup as a web server that I can run cables to so I can turn lights on through my phone...or it has been many a frustrating weeknight when the Cisco managed router and switch that I configured myself has issues (hey, it's been a few years since my networking days...give me a break! :) ).

This mindset led me to a class that I believe will be very good for me, but has also shown me bright and clear a large problem I have, and I believe many of us have. Let me explain.

I have gone back to school to get a formal degree and broaden my horizons in more ways than one. One of those ways was to take a web business creation class where you must pick a field, a product, and go run a Google Ads Campaign to market and sell that product.

"EASY!" I thought to myself, "That will give me the motivation I need to finish idea A that I have sitting in a Sketch file right now...or idea B that I just bought that brand new shiny .app domain for...or idea C...or idea D..." You get the picture.

And so I have found myself at that to do my best work, but still do what really every creative professional has ever wanted to do - publish their work for the masses.

And really, I don't know the answer to that question. Having had few side projects ever make it public, I don't think I'm in place right now where I can answer that question. But I do know this...I hope I never get to a place where I have more time than project ideas. Because for me, that would be the scarier reality.

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