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Pal - our flutter no code editor for in app messages is out

Gautier 💙
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Ever wanted to show an onboarding without code ? Show a marketing message on a click of button ? Now you got pal.

Who has never been frustrated with having to code, repost on the stores just to display help or a personalized message on their application?

50% of our uninstall come from the frustration of the first application opening

That’s a fact, we love to get introduced to the new things. Even more if this introduction seems personalized.
Guiding user through your app makes the user feel you are helping him and you are concerned about him.
That’s exactly why there is people in stores to help you choose and get advices. So why not apply this to your mobile application ?

Guide users through their first experience

Some of us call this onboarding. But a good onboarding is not just at the beginning. You can makes some anywhere on your app (after user made an action, the first time he goes to a page, after new update…).
Hubspot breaks down retention into three phases: short-term retention, mid-term retention, and long-term retention. According to their research, the biggest drop-off in usage happens during the short-term retention period between Week 0 and Week 1. Retention drops nearly 75 percentage points down to just above 25% in a single week.
Imagine if you could keep them ?

Alt Text

Here is a perfect way to introduce our new users, let’s show him what he can do and what we wants him to do with our app. 
Of course we won’t show him this again, this won’t bother him again.

Alt Text

Pal is helping you doing this without having to code anything.

Guide user after important updates

How many of your users knows why their app changes or that you worked for 1 month to give them new amazing features ?
If you knew, this could certainly depress you…

What about just show them the big lines of your update when they re-open their app?

And of course doing this without code

Keep your user all along

You guided your users through his first experience. He is completely happy with your app. What about keeping his feeling that you are concerned about him ?
Yes that’s what we are aiming with personalized messages. You can keep showing some messages less frequently to your best users using Pal.

Personalized messages

Your worked for month to create a really sexy app so we know you want this to stay perfect. You got your fonts, colors, sizes…
Also for all messages you wants a special experience so we made different types of messages experiences.

read more here

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