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zephinzer profile image Joseph Matthias Goh ・2 min read

You've probably seen us in the news, read about us from other places, or even the factsheet if that's your kinda thing. Now here's what goes on behind the scenes.

If you hadn't found the willpower to click any of the links above... (that's dissapointing, but,) We're the technical team behind the MyCareersFuture platform. MyCareersFuture is a jobs portal product created in collaboration between Workforce Singapore and GovTech to support the careers of Singapore residents.

Our initial focus was on Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMETs) in later stages of their careers, and we're gradually widening that focus to support any resident in any stage of their careers.

It's often easy to see the glamourous side of things as the media tends to like to portray it (sponsored or otherwise), but behind every awesome product - not saying we're there yet, but we will be - is a team in the depths of the engine room that truly believes in the product and who are often very invisible.

This blog was created to tell that story (and more), so if tech's your kinda thing, MyCareersFuture happens to be built in-house, and you should (please?) follow us if you'd like to get the latest from real humans on the ground.

If you're interested, other pieces by the technical team can be found at:

See you in a post soon!

P.S. We're also hiring, if you consider yourself talented enough, discounting any Dunning-Kruger effects you're aware of, and would like to join us/GovTech in general, you may hit me up at 😊

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