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re: Personally, I think you should filter out "non-relevant" jobs from your resume. Anything that doesn't demonstrate your ability to do the job you ar...

So are you saying to use a non-chronological approach to building a resume. That means there may be gaps in the dates and jobs listed on a resume. How would you suggest explaining those to a perspective employer? Is there a difference between tailoring a resume and leaving items off?

Which brings up a different set of questions. Is it ethical to leave 10 yrs off a resume b/c it may not seem relevant to a specific job title. That's a ligit question. Is it deceptive to appear 5-10 or 15 yrs younger on paper than when you arrive? What can or should a person leave off their resume?

Hi Matt, I have a few years of non relevant roles right after university on my resume. The way I get around this without having big gaps is to only list the role, years and location.

Administration and Support Roles
2006 - 2011
Hastings, New Zealand

It fills the gaps but doesn't need any more detail than that, leaving the valuable real estate for more recent and relevant roles.

I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere but in New Zealand it's common to drop off less relevant and older experience the older you get.

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