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"On The Road" by Jack Kerouac, bar none.


So in what way did the book impacted you?


Did you at least see the video?

Erm.. Not yet will watch it when I'm free.

Alright, I watch it. It was really cool in steve playing the piano while conducting an interview and I had the vibe of being a man of action through the poetry.

Yes, I think you are right. But he also had periods of meditation where he studied Buddhism.


You just have to MEET Jack himself...


This is from the 'Steve Allen' talk show, '59. Steve was a cool cat on the piano. This is Jack (two yrs after the release of the book) when he was still a 'good lookin' guy before he became a belligerent red-nosed drunk.

OTR regularly comes up as Top 100 American novels.

His poetry is beautiful. Mexico City Blues and Tristessa are lyrical. I would read parts aloud to myself to get the rhythms right. Probably did the same with OTR.

The book made me want to drive fast across the country...

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