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re: That sounds spot on Matt. It gives you room to showcase your technical chops with R and your subject matter knowledge from your Biochemistry backgr...

Great, thanks for the encouragement,

Are you familiar with the R package 'caret'? Powerful package, it actually allows one to run and compare multiple methods with the same syntax, basically the same command(s)...

BTW, I had an high school exchange student friend from Carrickfergus. Do you know it? ;))

Not familiar with the package but I'll put it on my list to check out.

And I do indeed know Carrickfergus. They've got a great old Norman castle up there and a colleague from my $DAYJOB is from the town. If you are into crime fiction, the Northern Irish writer Adrian McKinty sets his Troubles-based Sean Duffy detective series in Carrick (where he himself grew up). Small world!

The comedian Steven Wright says, "small world but i wouldnt want to paint it."

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