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Hi Alan,
I have a project question for you. You may consider it out of context but let me give a shot.

I found a paper of the Top 10 Algorithms for DM. I loved the idea so I am striving to put a brief booklet together on what these 10 Algos can do given a set of Biological data. I would like to show R code, output then describe the benefits and downfalls for my particular dataset and tease them all apart. Do you think that would be well received?


That sounds spot on Matt. It gives you room to showcase your technical chops with R and your subject matter knowledge from your Biochemistry background. A lot of people get caught up on just the tech side of it and forget about making the analysis relevant to a real-world use case. If you can take the raw data, wrangle it, present it and give proper analysis on what you've found, it would be very well received - especially when it comes to making your CV/resume stand out from the rest of the pile.


Great, thanks for the encouragement,

Are you familiar with the R package 'caret'? Powerful package, it actually allows one to run and compare multiple methods with the same syntax, basically the same command(s)...

BTW, I had an high school exchange student friend from Carrickfergus. Do you know it? ;))

Not familiar with the package but I'll put it on my list to check out.

And I do indeed know Carrickfergus. They've got a great old Norman castle up there and a colleague from my $DAYJOB is from the town. If you are into crime fiction, the Northern Irish writer Adrian McKinty sets his Troubles-based Sean Duffy detective series in Carrick (where he himself grew up). Small world!

The comedian Steven Wright says, "small world but i wouldnt want to paint it."

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