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Discussion on: Project Euler Problem 6 Solved with Javascript

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Maximilian Burszley • Edited

I mean, JavaScript has similar constructs:

function euler6(n) {
  const sumOfSquares = range(n + 1).map((x) => x ** 2).reduce((a, b) => a + b);
  const squareOfSum = range(n + 1).reduce((a, b) => a + b).map((x) => x ** 2);

  return squareOfSum - sumOfSquares;

function range(n) {
  return [...Array(n).keys()];

This could be further simplified with generator functions to get the iterator behavior seen in the Rust example.

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Jared Author

Yep, that is definitely one way to do it. I personally prefer more legible code (because I'm a simple human), but this gets the job done.

Thanks for sharing!

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