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Rapid building with Rust on Windows for WLS2

Fast Build on Windows for WLS2

This is a quick post y'all! less than 2m read!

Credit with their post here!


I have been struggling compiling on windows with incremental builds & they take forever. After doing lots of Googling I stumbled across the post from After doing some testing my compile times on a large project for Valheim went from 3-5 minutes to 30 seconds. Back to those beautiful compile times like on my Linux dual boot!


  1. Install make and rsync
  2. Copy the following Makefile into your repo
  3. Run make


This moves your files into a temp directory on your Linux sub-system which allows it to compile directly without the jank of cross system. After compilation it rsyncs only the outputs needed to your target directory if you are using it docker builds or other.

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