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Build an API using Node.js step-by-step

Hello everyone,

I've been streaming a mixture of security and programming related topics on my Twitch Stream and I've recently built an API using Node.js that receives data from a Firefox extension. I recorded part one and thought I'd share it in case you are interested in a easy to learn tutorial that you can go through at your own pace. With the mini-series, I've taken the approach of building the app over a set of videos that incorporate the skills to be a effective with Node.js, using external and internal libraries, and using JavaScript to create a Firefox extension.

Part 1 - Build the server using Node.js

Video (22 mins)
Source code

Part 2 - Build a Firefox Extension from Scratch that integrates with Node.js

Video (19 mins)
Source code


Stay tuned for future streams as we build out additional functionality of this apps or you can watch the condensed version by subscribing to my YouTube.

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