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Do you pay for services your own money if you need it to work?

As above but for clarification:

For example clients have o365 and you need to learn how to manage it and setup. Do you buy your own 365 / G-apps or anything else and try to configure it or setup live system (clients one)?

For example I'm using Gmail but clients are on o365 so i bought subscription so now i have both of them...

So i using Windows & Linux, i have Gmail & Office 365, using Android & iOS ... I told myself i pass subscription for office but then i ask myself "Client using it so what if ... ? I need to be in picture when they need someting."

Maybe many of you have homelab (windows, linux, AD ...) but what with online services?

Ill be glad for any advices or toughts.

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Gayan Hewa • Edited

Sometimes , yes. Some tools, I need for my personal use. So I prefer to buy them and end up using for both work and personal. Some shared services like figma, creately etc I would prefer to have separate accounts for work and personal.