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Only The Best For Our Beloved Open Source Community

We, at LambdaTest, are big-time believers of open source. From our inception to date, we’ve relied a lot on open-source tools. We’ve also given back to the community in our own little ways, but now, we think it is time we really show how much the open source community means to us.

We want to give away 10 parallel sessions of HyperExecute and complete no-restrictions access to Test-at-Scale (TAS) to any open source project that would find it useful.

HyperExecute is our IP-led next-gen smart test orchestration platform that helps run end-to-end Selenium tests at the fastest speed possible. It is up to 70% faster than traditional Selenium Grid clouds and can help projects achieve quicker time-to-market.

If HyperExecute is about speed, TAS is all about test intelligence and will help teams accelerate testing.

We explain how open-source projects can benefit from these offerings below.

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What is HyperExecute?

LambdaTest started as a cross browser testing tool, and over a period of time, we became a test execution platform. All this while, we’ve constantly spoken to customers to understand their various pain points. One of the biggest challenges developers/testers face is test execution speed and the lack of smart test orchestration.

Legacy cloud infrastructure isn’t as fast as a local setup. But, on the other hand, local setups don’t have the features that can be offered on the cloud. It has always been a trade-off.

While this was the core of our problem statement, we also had a few other strands that together formed our hypothesis:

  • Achieve parity between sophisticated tooling available to developers and testers

  • Lack of an integrated testing environment

Our ultimate aim was that we wanted to let the users focus on writing test cases and just let us handle the rest. We wanted to make test execution as easy and fast as possible.

HyperExecute vs Traditional Cloud Grids

Triggered test scenarios are first sent to the Hub, which in turn routes it to the best-suited Node, resulting in unnecessary lag. Merges all the components into a single execution environment, thereby ensuring all the components ‘talk’ to each other just like they do in a local network.
Multiple network hops increase test flakiness, a factor that can be a huge hindrance to time-to-market. Achieves native-like performance on the cloud! Brands also have the flexibility of enabling all the available features in a cloud grid.
Traditional grids are slow, brittle, expensive, and flaky. Fastest test cloud-based test execution and orchestration platform with zero flakiness.
Debugging is a nightmare. Users have to do all the heavy lifting to decide what and how to run tests. HyperExecute orchestrates tests with intelligent test auto-splitting, smart ordering, and retries.
Legacy test clouds are an ETL nightmare. HyperExecute has a single automation dashboard view with both terminal logs of test commands and complete test execution logs. All test execution logs like terminal logs, test run video, network logs, commands, exceptions, and more are all available in one place.

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Test your web and mobile apps on online Emulator Android. Ensure your apps are compatible across latest and legacy Android operating systems, devices, and browsers.

HyperExecute’s Feature list

Fastest End-to-End Test Execution Cloud

HyperExecute is up to 70% faster than any cloud-based test execution grid. It is highly scalable, and its intelligent features ensure that you focus on writing your test cases rather than worrying about the execution.

Real-Time Console and Execution Logs

HyperExecute gives a single automation dashboard view with both terminal logs of test commands and complete test execution logs.

Runs on Linux Containers, macOS, and Windows

HyperExecute platform is designed with hosted runners for every major OS, including Windows, macOS, and Linux Containers. These runners come with pre-installed support for major programming languages and frameworks, including Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, C#, GO, Ruby, and Rust.

Intelligent Test Orchestration

HyperExecute comes with intelligent test auto-splitting, smart ordering, and retries. This will help cut down developer feedback time drastically.

Automatic Report Generation

With all test execution data available in a single place, HyperExecute can help teams analyze the quality of their builds on a single platform through automatic reports.

Massive Parallel Testing

With HyperExecute, you can run your tests in parallel at a massive scale. Teams can run the same test across multiple browser environments at scale via matrix-based multiplexing. This results in reduced test creation times.

TAS-What’s that?

While HyperExecute is all about brute speed, Test at Scale (TAS) brings in the much-needed intelligence layer. Even with all the automation, engineering teams still find it hard to speed up their development because a lot of pointless tests are run, thereby resulting in clogged pipelines, low productivity, high resource costs, and obviously slow release cycles. And not to forget, all the losses incurred due to flaky tests getting in the pipeline.

TAS will help accelerate the whole pipeline from development to release, get quick feedback on code changes, manage flaky tests and help in keeping the master green for teams.

TAS’ smart features include:

  • Smart Test Selection to intelligently interpret and run only the relevant subset of tests that are impacted, resulting in up to 95% reduction in testing durations.

  • Flag, quarantine, and manage flaky tests.

  • Data intelligence layer to give complete visibility into KPIs like Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), flake rate, failed tests, and more.

TAS was recently beta-launched for the open-source community.

With the potent combo of HyperExecute and TAS, testing is no longer a hard task. Teams need not run tests anymore. They can orchestrate them and make data-backed decisions to ensure quality standards.

Test on Latest Safari Desktop and Mobile Browsers for Cross Browser Compatibility. Test on real Mac machines running real Safari browser online.

What’s in it for the Open-Source Community?

As stated at the beginning of this blog, we are firm believers in the open source community. We owe a big chunk of our success to it. We genuinely want to give back to the community by opening up our biggest product launches for free.

Any open source project will get 10 parallel sessions of HyperExecute and unlimited access to TAS.

What’s more?

You also get priority support as a part of this offering. You are just a form fill away from experiencing the future of testing.

Check this out: Browser test & app testing cloud to perform both exploratory and automated testing across 3000+ different browsers, real devices and operating systems.

We want to use this opportunity to learn from the community as well. The open-source community is vibrant and experimentative, and who better to give us valuable feedback! With your comments, feedback and ideas, we want to make both HyperExecute and TAS better.

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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