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Hello All,
I would love to introduce my hobby project -

It's in progress project, Idea is to build API's for next project,

I was struggling with validation of Email if this really exist or not in my current company project, as we were struggling with SPAM delivery of email and it hits reputation of IP Address.

That gives me the opportunity to start with Email Validation API which will in any project, to pre validate email id instead hit the reputation of email to avoid spam delivery.

Apart from that you guys can give me suggestion, for more api's I will be implementing basic Authentication API using JWT token,
email, image / file upload, image transformation as my upcoming plans.

As these are the basic set's of API which is mostly needed in every project to start with, and maintain the USER data.

Please suggest me and area of improvement so i can make it better product for betterment of next generation Project.

Thank you for reading my article.

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