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Quasar Admin CRM - Global dark mode (All pages)

Mayank Patel
Full-stack developer | Part-time open-source developer | loves free templates development | Quasar Framework, Vue.js, AngularJS, HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, Python
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Quasar Admin CRM global dark mode is here! Integrated the dark mode on all pages.

Source code:

Live preview:

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Quasar Admin CRM - Dark mode

Discussion (5)

hopemanryan profile image
Ryan Hoffman

Hey man , looks great. I find the icons on the dashboard to be too big... and what mostly feels awkward is the load time. I assuming your waiting for the all data to load before showing ui. which makes it feel a little jumpy and not smooth.

Use skeletons and load each component when that component is done, it will feel more professional and also more "some thing is happening" kind of vibe

mayank091193 profile image
Mayank Patel Author

Hey, thank you for your feedback. I'll work on that in future updates. Though, that may be happening if you are opening for the first time. Anyway, I'll look into it.

sm0ke profile image

Great work, thanks for sharing. Any chance to be configured with Firebase as a backend?

mayank091193 profile image
Mayank Patel Author

Thank you for your feedback. I was thinking to build the back-end with Python-PostgreSQL. I had worked with Firebase once but not for a longer time. Though I'm currently a bit busy with my full-time job. So, I'll think about it later.