QDraggableTree v0.0.4 has been released!

mayank091193 profile image Mayank Patel ・1 min read

QDraggableTree v0.0.4 has been released!

  • Added the ability to drag a node as a sub child of a node without children
  • Ability to drop a node even if the sub-tree is closed

Source code: https://github.com/mayank091193/quasar-draggable-tree

Live preview: https://quasar-draggable-tree.netlify.app/docs

NPM Package: https://npmjs.com/package/quasar-app-extension-qdraggabletree

Please check out the release notes here. https://github.com/mayank091193/quasar-draggable-tree/blob/master/app-extension/CHANGELOG.md

If it helps you, Sponsor me to support my open-source workπŸ’– https://github.com/sponsors/mayank091193

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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