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I definitely agree how the lines have gotten much blurrier, in my opinion due mostly to JavaScript. The growth of JS frameworks, Node, React, and its proliferation into at least one part of any web project, are the biggest ones. But considering how many programmer positions need to move between different focuses anyway (such as FEDs needing to play with the back-end sometimes), it was always ready to keep on blurring.

It's definitely past the point where a FED can have reliable work with just HTML, CSS, and some JS. But I think there's enough FED focuses that haven't bled over yet, such as progressively layering styles, accessibility, responsive design, and managing design systems/style guides/pattern libraries. Certainly in my position there's been plenty similar ones I've done the most work on, while the back-end focused devs worked mostly in Ruby, APIs, or server-related tasks.

So while the role is changing, I still think FEDs have an identity they can focus their common skills around. But those skills will likely shift along with the landscape to some extent. They'll always be there though.

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