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Projects promoting Ruby on Rails to new learners?

A quick note up front, this was originally posted on the Rails forum where it got some likes but no responses, so cross-posting here too to get a few more eyes on it, thanks!

Hi everyone,

Following on from the apparent success of A May Of WTFs, focused around Rails itself and making the experience for those new, or returning, to Rails less WTF-prone, I was wondering what efforts are ongoing to encourage more people to try Rails in the first place as I’d love to join in and get new learners started and help them see how quickly they can get something up and running and how much fun it is to work with Ruby.

Learners I’ve met recently, for example at Ruby Hacknight London seem to often have come to Rails via a number of different routes and it would be great to be involved in increasing their chances of arriving at Ruby/Rails and quickly seeing the benefits.

Do any of you know of more websites/projects looking for help in this area?
This is a great resource, I think this is the same project that used to have the great artwork on it (cool foxes?)
The guides on the Rails site - amazing content but potentially aimed at those having already made the decision to dip their toe in the water?

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Thoughtbot has some resources that seem interesting.