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✨ How to create Custom Emmet Snippets in VS Code!

πŸ‘‹ Hi again developers!

This post covers how you can use Custom Emmet Snippets in VS Code. With VS Code's new release: version 1.51!

Emmet is very powerful and very productive! And the mix of Emmet & VS Code, is like never before. But sometimes you might want to generate an element that uses a long emmet snippet. VS Code version 1.51 was released with this one and many more features! So let's begin! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

1. βž• Creating a snippets.json file

We have to store our snippets inside of a snippets.json file. Pick a folder of your choice on your machine, and open that folder in VS Code. Create a new file called snippets.json


Now fill that file as shown below. I have an example snippet for you to try

  "html": {
    "snippets": {
      "yourSnippet": ".container>h1.title",
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You can put as many other snippets you want!

2. πŸ”§ Configuration

It is pretty easy and simple to configure this. You can simply go into the VS Code Settings, by pressing Ctrl + , or by going to the βš™ and clicking on Settings.


Then search for a setting called Extensions Path and click on Edit in settings.json.

Now simply copy the folder path where you have your snippets.json file created, and paste that in the "emmet.extensionsPath" setting. Like this πŸ‘‡



That's it! Once you have put the path in the setting, you are good to go and use your own Custom Emmet Snippets in VS Code!

emmet snippet.gif

I hope this post helped you increase your productivity. Please consider giving it a like πŸ’™, and commenting πŸ’¬ below your experience about this feature, and sharing it!

I also have a YouTube video if you are interested in watching

Thanks for reading!!!

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Shobhit Sagar

Thank you. I needed this πŸ™ŒπŸ½

maxprogramming profile image
Max Programming

Glad it helped you! 😊

dabigin profile image
Brandon Dalton

You are the man, do you know how to change the ones that come with emmet to your liking? or can these override those? Just wondering, thanks again.

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Jehdi Aizon

thank you!