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Blogbeat is now connected to Medium

Blogbeat is now connected to Medium. You are able to share your articles from Blogbeat on Medium with just one click.Find out more about Blogbeat and the Medium API in the following article.


  • Blogbeat uses the official api.
  • Share articles on your personal or company profile.
  • We will never post to without your permission.
  • A Blogbeat account is required.

1. Request Access

2. Generate Key

  • In the "Settings" >> "Integration tokens" section
  • create a new token by adding a description and
  • clicking on "Get integration token".

3. Add Key to Blogbeat

  • Open an unpublished article and search for the logo and a "Set Up" button next to it.
  • Click the "Set Up" button and add the key from step 2 to the "Integration Token" field.
  • Click on "Save Changes" to complete the Setup.

More Information

More Information regarding the api:

Find the original article here:

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