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Borrowing brilliance, or one quick way to come up with content ideas

Content (articles, blogs, tutorials, videos) is one of the best ways to scale developer relations. Content can be accessed by developers anywhere and anytime. High-quality content can be your evergreen content – that is content that doesn’t go out of date.

One thing that’s not always easy is coming up with content ideas or what to write about. Here is one way to come up with interesting content ideas.

Peak at what other people are publishing (also called borrowing brilliance). There is probably disproportionately more content written about using various Amazon AWS services than any other cloud provider. You can see what tutorials, articles and how-to’s were published and borrow some ideas.

For example, a lot of content on Serverless is based on using AWS Lambda. Take a tutorial that uses AWS Lambda and write a similar one that solves a similar problem using Azure Functions, IBM Cloud Functions or Google Cloud Functions.

Hope this little tip helps you publish more content.

Extra credit. You can also look at Stack Overflow. Browse a topic and see if there are any questions you can answer. If yes, you can answer that question in a blog post. Then go back to the question and answer it with a reference to your blog.

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