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Favicons: Perhaps My Favorite Detail

Are you familiar with favicons? Are you about to open google to search for what a favicon is? Well here — let me save you a trip!

Favicons are the little icons that represent websites. You've probably noticed them on the tabs in your browser, next to the site's title. There's even a favicon on this very page!
A Favicon!

But anyway, in my opinion, the favicon is one of my absolute favorite details to add to a project, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Creating a Favicon

So at its most basic, a favicon is an image. If you have a logo that you're using, you can go to a website like and convert your logo (or other image) to a favicon and download the converted images.

If you have generated an application, using a favicon is extra simple! You may find a placeholder favicon in your app's public folder and you can actually just replace the placeholder image!

If you haven't before, make sure to really take a look into favicons — I think they're a wonderful tiny detail that makes all the difference!

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