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A Gift Wrap

Hey friends! This is a super quick post that I wanted to write as a little PSA for any of you beginners out there who use VSCode. If you are like me, you may not have gone through all of the settings in VSCode yet and, perhaps you have not realized yet that a text wrapping setting exists to keep your code from overflowing horizontally. I just wanted to bring it to your attention and tell you how to turn it on.

From the menu bar, open the dropdown menu for Code and select Preferences. From there, open up your Settings.

You can jump straight to this point by using the shortcut:
+ , (Mac) or Ctrl+, (PC).

Within Settings, go into the section for Text Editor and scroll all the way down until you get to Word Wrap. Turn that on.

Boom. Check that out. Much easier to read and you don't have to create your own line breaks!

I hope that's helpful. Now go be productive!

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