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Bitdefender: My Honest Review

Bitdefender is a exceptional AntiVirus for Windows, it starts around $29.99 (This is the on sale price) and the Total Security Home Plan starts at $44.99 on sale. In this review I will be testing using the Total Security Home Plan.


Bitdefender offers some great Protection Features for securing your devices, all plans include there Real Time Protection, Network Threats Prevention, Threat Defender, Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection and there VPN (200MB Of Daily Traffic). The Total Security Plan Iā€™m using has a few each features such as the AntiSpam and the Anti-Theft.

Free Plan

You can download there Free Plan from it includes all the features above expect the Network Protection, Ransomewere Protection, Rescue Environment, AutoPoilt (Auto Recommendations) and VPN all the details can be found here:

Detection Tests

When testing out Bitdefender on my Windows 10 Virtual Machine with 10GB RAM, 4 Virtual Cores and VMWare Workstaion Pro. I got a 10 Websites which had malware on, 9 out of the 10 websites were detcted and blocked. When downloading a coulple Malware Samples i got the same results as expetected it blocked all samples i tested on the machine which were live. For anybody looking for a reasonably priced windows AntiVirus i would suggest getting it while on sale.

Bitdefender VPN

The Bitdefender VPN is a good addon for the Bitdefender Package, it offers the use off over 48 Locations, i used the United Kingdom servers and had great preformane but the speeds were affected a bit. Still not a massive issue but does knock a couple of MBPS of your Internet..

Bitdefender Web Security

There Web Security Module intergrate nicely where the rest of the Bitdefender Products, it will warn you off of unwanted / malicious sites and provide a Tick next to Safe Website when using Google as your search engine (I use DuckDuckGo for privacy reasons, another blog about this soon).

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