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DevOps outsourcing: everything you need to know to get started

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If a company needs continuous access to classy DevOps skills, it can either keep an in-house team or outsource the project to a trustworthy partner. We will explain when and why DevOps outsourcing is better and how your business can make a good thing out of it.

What do companies like WhatsApp, Slack, Github, Groove, Opera, Google, Skype have in common?

Besides the fact that all of them are successful multi-million-dollar companies, they have used IT outsourcing services from remote workers or offshore partners at some point in time (or keep relying on third-party IT providers for certain tasks).

Outsourcing, in general, and DevOps outsourcing, in particular, is a powerful approach when used correctly. This article will help you clear up:

  1. Why you need DevOps.
  2. DevOps outsourcing vs insourcing: differences to consider.
  3. What to expect from DevOps-as-a-Service.
  4. How cooperation starts.

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