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[ANN] go-testdeep v1.13.0 is available

A new release of go-testdeep has just been published.

As a remainder, go-testdeep is a powerful golang tests framework, using a comparison engine of its own and providing 67 operators to compare anything, in any situation, at any nested level.

Major features in this release follow:

  • 5 new operators are available, allowing to test wrapped errors (ErrorIs), channels content (Recv) and only some elements of slices/arrays (First, Grep & Last);
  • JSON operator reaches an unmatched level so far, making it definitely the best solution to do JSON comparisons in golang world;
  • unique anchoring feature is now available using a new generic way, a must! ;)
  • others details can be found on the release page.



PS: don't mistake go-testdeep for go-test/deep, both are a tests framework, but go-testdeep is much more powerful in every situations.

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