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Hello Addy, so nice to have you here!

We often talk about JavaScript that has to be parsed and executed, that should be split and lazy loaded, and similarly for CSS. But what about HTML?

Would you say that DOM nodes are heavy in terms of memory occupation? Even if they're not rendered? Taking about 6k-14k nodes here, including text and comment nodes.
Are element nodes heavier in terms of memory and CPU hogging?

How about HTML parsing? Is a big HTML document (like, 400k unzipped) a problem for mobile devices?

Asking for, huh, a friend that has to struggle with a client that doesn't think reducing the HTML to the bare minimum is meaningful for performance.


Everything has a cost and too many DOM nodes = unhappiness.

Back in 2016, the Chrome team observed that most sites we were profiling had 5000+ DOM nodes. Ideally, your page should stick closer to 1500 for mobile. At that time Chrome was optimized for a rough maximum of 32 element deep documents. We definitely handle things a lot better than this, but you're in the sweet spot if you're able to stay within these constraints.

With respect to HTML parsing costs, I always lean on shipping the greatest value to users in the fewest bytes possible. That said, I would probably do some auditing on the costs of sending down 400K of unzipped HTML (see if there's a real issue with CPU and memory usage on your target devices) and visualize to your client the difference of shipping less if that's the case.

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