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We would use a forEach loop, right?

Uh, no? 😅

Given that I do have seen junior developers doing this kind of mistake, it boggles my mind that they actually didn't knew about filter. And it's not like it's been introduced later than forEach!

Anyway, I think the title is supposing there's some kind of clash between these two methods. There isn't, they've been conceived for different goals.


The thing is, I’ve never seen filter in JS until I’ve got on this website. I always used to do this kind-of stuff w/ forEach. It’s crazy why they don’t promote this for junior devs.


Yeah, they should.

If you're a junior developer, you should either have a senior that tells you about these methods, or you have to find them yourself... Which is, of course, suboptimal 😕 Because as those methods are less commonly used, they could be overlooked.

Every time I have to introduce forEach to some junior, I always start with: "Let's talk about array methods..."

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