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Indeed, the whole diversity issue in STEM fields is a matter of national - or even international - interest. Forcing a more balanced environment at work might help but won't solve the problem in the long run - it would just make things easier for women to be accepted (and that's indeed another problem of these days).

It's a cultural shift that needs to be done. And every country has to face it differently: I presume you live in the US, but there are places where the problem is actually much worse. But also better.

In my country (Italy) there is no much of a difference between boys and girls in STEM fields - I graduated in mathematics, and actually most of the students were female, while my sister had no issues becoming a chemist. But still, there's a serious lack of women in IT. Maybe because it's still seen as a thing for nerdy boys? Man, that has to change.


Additionally, forcing a balance with positive discrimination leaves you with an underqualified workforce and a load of women who feel they were hired just because they were women. I completely agree - it's the cultural shift that is necessary.

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