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Max (he/his)
Max (he/his)

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About 2019

In a couple of sentences the previous year was:

  • Started more or less than 20 books
  • Finished 12 books
  • 8 Trips
  • At least, 50 new coworkers
  • First tech talk
  • Write the first article of my blog
  • Complete redesign of Web UI Bootcamp at the company
  • Create a seed for React projects

Additionally, I discovered one of my passions. “I love learning and teaching.”

It’s crazy, before the analysis I didn’t feel that proud of my year. From one moment to another, the previous year was full of achievements. Nothing has changed, just the way I see the year.

It was after the analysis that I discovered the number of achievements. For 2020, I will try to have that analysis more frequently.

What about you? I will love to hear about your 2019 resumes. What was your 2019 in a couple of sentences?

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