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RedCS Web Application

mauriciojaramillo profile image Mauricio Jaramillo ・2 min read

What I built

Category Submission: COVID-19 Communications

RedCS is a Web Application created to aid people during the lookdowns due to COVID-19 emergency.

RedCS is an App intended to join the people looking for help with those who wants to help; RedCS is free of charge and need no subscriptions.

The App has 2 stages:

A) Front-stage: for final users who are looking for help or wants to help; the user login into the system with his/her Cel number and then receives in WhatsApp a code as a password to complete the authentication process, (the code is sent to the user using Twilio Api); then, the user may post requests for help (categorized) and/or may post how he/she wants to help (categorized too); all the matches between people is advised to the parts with WhatsApp messages via Twilio Api.

B) Back-stage: for administrative users; they login in to the system using the "Admin" option in the main menu, with a previously created account (user and password); they manage categories, keep the DB info quality (moderate languaje) and give support to final users.

Demo Link

Link to Code

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

  1. Great Api from Twilio to send messages to WhatsApp, new for us and very useful.

  2. WhatsApp messages give us freedom to send instant info to users and avoid spam messages and use different ways to communicate with users without the restrictions for mail transport.

  3. Some of our users may not have email accounts, but almost all of them have cel phones and use WhatsApp.

  4. In Colombia is better the cel phone network for use WhatsApp than the services provided to use email.

  5. Integrating Twilio Api to our development was so easy.

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