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Maurice Hayward
Maurice Hayward

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5 Blog Ideas about Javascript

Here are my 5 blog ideas:

  1. Javascript Variable Hoisting
  2. Javascript Scope & Scope Chaining
  3. Javascript Closures
  4. Javascript Document Object Model (DOM)
  5. Javascript Event Loop

As you most likely noticed all my ideas have to do with Javascript concepts. For the past couple of months, I have been deep diving trying to understanding Javascript at a foundational level. I found that concepts like Hoisting, Scope, and Closure aren't explained very well in many articles and blog posts. So my goal is to explain these concepts in an approachable and clear manner.

What do you think of these ideas?

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Phil Nash

I'd encourage you to write the articles, even if no-one else cares! It will take more learning and work in order to write the article and afterwards you will understand it better than before. And if you ever forget or need a reminder on one of those topics, you can just look up your own article and get an explanation in your own words.

But also I reckon plenty of people will benefit from an explanation too. So go for it!

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Jess Lee


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Victor Gallet


Oh js is definitively not my favorite programming language...anyway I would love to hear from you about event loop which is pretty fashion nowadays.
I'm interested in number 3 and 4 too, especially 4 ;-).

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Dell Ward

Can't wait to read!