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Fun & Random GitHub Projects You've Seen?

maureento8888 profile image Maureen To ・1 min read

Funniest/Cutest GitHub projects?

Just for fun (because why not! 😝), anyone seen any cool projects on GitHub that aren't going to change the world, but add just a bit of flavour to our lives?

For example, I was hopping across GitHub after committing some changes to my repos on GitHub when I stumbled across a 2000's gem: Tamagotchi!

Alt Text

This repo, called /TamagotchiTemp was too cute to not immediately fork and keep it in the depths of my repos (it's like my attic - I don't even know if I have an attic πŸ˜†) even though my MacBook Air 13'' doesn't have a Touch Bar (only MacBook Pros have it). Apparently, you can feed it, pick up poo, and keep it happy by playing with it (who doesn't love that?). Yes, it's a throwback to my 2000s days even though I never got down to playing with Tamagotchi as I've heard the amount of work to keep it alive and grow it!. Anyway, super short post (my second one now!) but feel free to enlighten me and others on cool projects you've found! Let me know in the comments below and follow or chat!

For anyone curious, here's the GitHub to the Tamagotchi pet.

Have fun, code lots, and change the world!

P.S I heard there's a GitHub project that makes fart sounds where you cursor moves!

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